Suffer Thee a Kobold

Chapter 1: Don't Have A Cow

Steal a cow

With the confidence that the nearest neighbors to the tribe were not an immediate threat (and possibly even on good terms, if they could communicate) it was time to start improving the function of the mine. For that, the tribe would need some heavy lifting. So the Allwatcher collected some kobolds for a raid. Their task: Go to the human towns and steal a cow.

Rather than go to the nearer town of Triel, the kobolds elected to head to the river to the east and follow it downstream to the outskirts of the town of Scornubel. While traveling along the river, a warning shot came from over the wall surrounding the reaching wood forest on the far shore. The kobolds scattered and hid (to various extents) Curiosity eventually drew them out one by one as they realized there was a goblin scouting party on the far shore. Luckily, one of the Kobolds spoke Goblin and was able to act as a translator after getting their attention by yelling out “WE’RE HIDING.”

An exchange was negotiated to give the goblins a vial of holy water and some moose antlers and use a ceramic mine to break a hole in the wall surrounding the reaching woods in exchange for information about where to find a cow in the human lands and help in stealing one. There were some issues getting everyone across the river, and one goblin was left soaked and grumpy. After the kobolds avoided an Elturgard mounted patrol, the Goblins were true to their word, and led them to one of the outlying farms with a barn early in the morning.

Unfortunately, someone got a bit too close to a hen-house, and a spooked rooster crowed, waking up the farming family and their farmhands. A scuffle ensued, the farmhands were killed, and most of the farming family were grievously injured, and the main farmhouse was set on fire. The farmer’s sons and dogs chewed up some of the kobolds pretty well. Ultimately, the kobolds and their goblin guides slipped off into the darkness with not one, but TWO cows.

On the way back away from Scornubel, the goblins asked if they could have one of the cows, since the kobolds really were only after one. There was some debate, but ultimately the decision was to foster good relations with the goblins of the reaching wood and give them one of the cows



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