The Story:

In Faerun, on the borderlands between the nations of Najara and Elturgard exists a small kobold settlement trying to thrive while maintainig its sovreignty. The Yuan-ti to the north would think nothing of enslaving or (ulp!) eating what they consider “lesser” reptiles. Still, at least they’ll talk to you. That’s better than the human zealots to the south who just want to wipe you out. Still, the humans have the better stuff, and supplies from anywhere will help the defenses of the tribe’s lair. The tribe has recently migrated to the region from the north east, escaping attacks and raids from the Zhentarim at Darkhold with assistance from below from the Dark Elves with whom they have been forming an uneasy alliance.

Now the tribe has found a small cave system in the foothills to the south of the Forest of Wyrms. It’s a bit close to the human town of Triel, but it’s the best location the scouts could find without risking having to pass the entire tribe through Elturgard. The tunnels sit atop a rich vane of iron ore, and the tribe could prosper tremendously by mining it, assuming of course that the tribe doesn’t get wiped out before they get that chance. Luckily, neither Najara nor Elturgard know about the immigration of the Tribe, yet. However, Goblin Worg Riders were spotted jumping a dilapidated section of wall surrounding the Reaching Woods to the east. The tribe’s future in the region is uncertain.

But there is hope! The last clutch hatched before the Tribe was forced out of its old lair has come of age and finished their apprenticeships under the tutelage of the tribe’s remaining caste mentors. The Eye of Kurtulmak priest who leads the tribe, known as the all-watcher, has collected your clutch group together put your newly learned skills to use in securing the region for the tribe against all threats, above and below. Kobolds may be on the bottom of the proverbial totem pole, but for as weak as the other races of Faerun consider them, they are one of the most prolific. Through guile, trickery, and a few well placed traps it’s time to show Najara and Elturgard why that is…

Character Creation & House rules:

Standard D&D 4e LFR creation of a level 1 kobold. You can be any class, but NO defenders. The only exceptions to this are the swordmage and battlemind. This is because kobolds don’t defend; they run the hell away. Sword mages and battleminds are more trickster-type defenders, rather than tanks, so they fit.

Because in 4E the rules are different for PC & Monster Kobolds, you may choose to be a surface kobold (normal sighted) or you may choose to be a deep kobold (darkvision, but dazed in bright light unless they have sundark goggles)

Base languages are Draconic and undercommon. If you want to be able to speak common, you must take the linguist feat.

No starting gold. Instead, you may select any three (3) non-magical or alchemical items level 2 or lower. For example: a weapon, a spell-casting implement, and a pair of sundark goggles. At the begining of each game you will roll randomly for three more. Everything else must be acquired or constructed in-game. While you don’t have to, it is recommended to hold off on equipment selection until the start of the game anyway, as players may collaborate in their selections, like one player takes a length of rope, while another takes a grappling hook. Note: Ranged weapons and their ammunition count as TWO items.

For each level you gain, the number of items you get to keep from one adventure to the next increases by one. These items must still be acquired in game or kept from the randomly rolled equipment.

Suffer Thee a Kobold

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